Facility Setup and Admin Reservations

Use these steps to set up reservation availability for a facility and make reservations on your ASAP admin site.

Configure a Resource Group

From the left nav panel, select 1 configure | resource groups. Resource groups are similar to course groups. This is how your public will view your public reservations listings. Select 2 Facility as the resource type. Select 3 Add New. Select 4 Show Online if you want to show this resource group on your public site (you may always go back in and edit this resource group, as you would a course group).

Type a 5 name for your resource group, add an 6 image for your resource group (optional), add a 7description for your course group and click 8 save.

Click the 9 lower save button.

You will see a message conforming that your facility group has been saved. Click 10 ok.

Create a Facility for Reservation Pricing and Access

Creating a facility with reservation pricing is almost the same as creating a room for class scheduling. The difference is that with reservation access, you are able to set pricing for slot availability.

From the left nav panel, select 1 Create | New Activity. Select the 2 site that the activity will be taking place in. Select the 3 group the resource will be included in. Type a 4 name for the activity. Upload an 5image for the activity (optional). Type a 6 short and a 7 long description for the activity.

Type any 8 additional information that you want to appear on invoices and email confirmations (optional). Type the 9 total available (this will typically be 1), type 10 1 for room capacity, deselect the 11uses facility access tick box, select 12 yes to make this facility reservable online, select 13 per person or per facility/resource to determine if you are charging per person or per facility/resource (you will typically do this by facility / resource).

Make sure 14 facility is chosen for fee type (because you are creating a facility--if you are creating a different type of resource, make sure you are selecting that type of fee type). Select the 15 schedule type. You can only create one fee schedule at a time, so if you are creating multiple fee schedules, complete this one first. You can create an additional fee schedule in step 19. Select the 16 user type for this specific fee schedule. If you use G|L codes, select the 17 appropriate G|L code. Type the 18 fee amount. If you are allowing deposits for this reservation resource, type the deposit amount 19 here. Click 20 save to save the fee schedule.

You will see the fee schedule 21 here. Select edit to edit the fee schedule and delete to delete the new fee schedule. to add another fee schedule, follow steps 14-20 above in 22 this / same section. Add a23 resource question (optional). Some organizations will do this to ask the purchaser/reserver specific questions. When finished click 24 save.

Set up Facility Availability

After saving, you will be brought to the reservation availability screen. You can always get back to this screen by finding and selecting the facility. This is how you will set up when the facility is available.

You will see a message that says that the 1 activity doesn't contain reservations availability. To create reservations availability for the resource click 2 add new day to availability.

Make sure that 3 facility is selected for Reserve For. If you were creating a schedule for a different resource, you would select that resource type as the Reserve For type. Make sure the correct 4 activity is selected. Choose the 5 day of the week that you want to make the resource available for reservations. You can easily create more days for availability after you create the first one. Select a 6specific date if only one day will be available, or select the 7 start and end dates and times. If there will be a break in the availability, indicate the 8 dates and the 9 times here. Select the 10 schedule type here. Select 11 save when finished.

You will see a message that 12 confirms that you saved the availability successfully. If you need to set up different availability for this facility, do so 13 here by repeating steps 3-11 above. To finish making the resource available or to copy the availability you just created into different days of the week, click14 back to facility detail.

Once you have availability set up, you will be able to 15 see it on the facility details screen (find and select the facility), 16 copy the availability from one day of the week to another day of the week, 17 edit the availability or 18 delete the availability. You can also add a new day to the availability by selecting19 Add New Day to Availability (as you did when you first first began adding availability to the facility).

Reserve a Facility on Admin

Use these instructions to set up a reservation from your ASAP admin / backend.

From the left nav panel, select 1 Reservations. This will bring you to the screen below--it looks a lot like Quick Enroll.

Select 2 All for customer type. Search for the 3 student you are making the reservation for and the 4resource (facility, in this case), you are reserving. When you have selected the student and the resource, they will both appear in green. If you are searching for availability on a particular day of the week, select that 5 here. If you are searching for a specific date, do so 6 here. You may also select a specific 7 schedule type. For this facility, there is only a full day schedule type, but if there were multiple options, you could select one. You can also navigate quickly backwards and forwards in the availability calendar with 8 these arrows. You will see 9 availability and existing reservation slots here. Select the slot that you are reserving.

You will see the slot 10 in cart. Enter the 11 time of arrival (if applicable), 12 delete the selection if you need to remove the item from the invoice and click 13 checkout to proceed to the invoice.

You will be brought to the invoice. Process it as you normally would.

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