Merging students

Occasionally, you will find that you have multiple records for the same person in your admin site. This most commonly occurs because a customer has created multiple accounts on your public site, there are separate accounts created on admin and public or someone registered a student on your admin site and created a new record without first locating the initial record.

From the left nav, select Tools>student merge. Search for the student(s), and select all accounts for this student. Note that if you have more than two records for one student, you can only merge two at a time. So if you find three records for a single student, merge two together, and then combine the third account with the newly created account from the first merge.

Once you've selected two accounts to merge, you will see the first one selected as the Primary Record and the second account will be shown as the Duplicate record. This means that the record on the left will be the one that retains demographic information. The record on the right, the secondary record, will only retain enrollment and invoice records.

To make the record on the right the primary record, select "Make this the Primary." To preview the merge select "Preview the Merge."

This is what the previewed merge might look like. If you are satisfied with the merge, select save.

Now if you search for the student, you will only see one record. If you see more than one record and need to merge those other records with this record, simply repeat this process for the next record(s) that you want to merge with this primary record.

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    Angela Kelley

    What is optimal best practice when merging a duplicate student profile who has used two different email addresses?

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