Generate a mailing list for labels or other purposes

You can easily create a template that will make it easy for you to make labels or mailing lists that can be exported to Excel and used in a Word Mail Merge.

The rest of this article relates to using the Student Report to obtain demographic information about your customers. But if you want to print labels or mailing lists with class / enrollment specific information along with basic demographics like name & address, you should use the Enrollment Report. Obtain the results, remove any grouping and export to Excel and continue on with a Mail Merge. 

From the left nav panel, select 1 View Reports and find the Student Report.

Select 2 Configure this Template (if you have already created a template, skip directly to step 9).

Select "Create a New Template"

Type a name for your template and click Ok. Place a tick in the box to the right of each field you want to include in the template. Remove the tick from the box to the right of each field you do not want to include in this template.

Scroll to the top or bottom of the screen and click Save Template or Save Template and View Report.

Note that the template that you just created is selected. This is where you will select this template for future use. Select the 9 variables for the students you want to include in the report. Note that you can include ALL of most of the criteria (sites, teachers, enrollment statuses, course groups, courses and classes but for only ONE time period at a time. Large organizations should run this report in small batches as this report may be managing a large amount of data. For example, you might run one Course Group or Course at a time. When you have made your selections, click 10 Filter.

When the results appear, the results may be automatically grouped by last name. Click the small "x" to see the results in a grid format perfect for exporting to Excel. Click the Excel icon (or CSV) and then perform a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word.

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