Add a Link to your Public ASAP page on your Payment Due Email Template

The Payment Due Email Template is used when payment due emails are sent to customers in your organization. If you register a student for a class in your organization and the student will be paying on your public ASAP site, providing a direct link to the login page of your public ASAP site will make the process much easier for the student. If you do this, the registrant/payee will be able to click the link that you provide in the email template and navigate directly to your public ASAP page via the link in the email.

Here are the steps:
1. Go to Configure| Manage Emails
2. Select Manage My Email Templates
3. Select Payment Due Template | Edit.
4. Add the link to the bottom of the page - just above the "Thank you for using.....". line.

The link to the login page is (xxxx=your Company ID).

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