A/R Aging Report


The A/R Aging report is an up to the minute report that is only to be used to see the current view of overdue balances in your system. This report allows you to sort accounts receivable in terms of how old the outstanding balances are. To sort by a specific criteria, drag the column heading to the light blue banner area. You might want to generate a report of balances that are more than 90 days due (>90Days). Simply grab the header >90Days and drop it in the light blue header area.

Several different things can be done with the A/R Aging Report. All invoices due (up to a specified date) can be shown by choosing a to date and clicking refresh. Different filters are given such as Time Periods, Sites, and Fiscal Years. Please note that Products, Donations, and Manual Fees do not have a time period/site/fiscal year association so they will not show up when selecting these filters. There is also the option to view each individual invoice owed by selecting the "Show Details (ignores 'TimePeriod', 'Site' and 'Fiscal Year' filters)" checkbox. 

If the report is simply being run (and students aren't being emailed directly from this report) you will see a spreadsheet-like format that shows you a line-item representation of each payment due. The report will show customer ID, last name, first name, company ID (if applicable), a listing of how much is due and which range each belongs in and totals.

All of the variables in the report can be grouped. Simply drag the header of the column you wish to group by to the header area that says Drag a column header here to group by that column and you will see the data grouped by that variable.

This report can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet and as a PDF.


You also have to option of sending an email to everyone that appears in the aging report. Options include: All in A/R aging report, 0-30 days aging, 31-60 days aging, 61-90 days aging, 90 days aging. When you’ve made your selection smply click the Email button. 

You are given two options to email the customers in this report. Depending on the Aging Criteria selected, you have the ability to Email your customers in different ways. The first option "Send Email To:" takes you directly to the Manage Email area of ASAP. This will allow you the ability to send a generic Email template to your customers.

The second option "Send SOA To:" will send a list of all outstanding invoices found on the customer's account. This will not send each individual invoice owed, rather a list of all the invoices that still have a balance due. It will not display the details of each invoice, only the invoice number that is owed. Customers will need to log in to their account to review this information.

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    Lisa Hopstock

    Is it possible to see an example of the "Send to SOA To:" email with the list of invoices. Does it show the original of total of the invoice ( to give customers a shock) or only what is owed?

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