Transaction Report


The Transaction Report shows spreadsheet-like format that shows you a line-item representation of each transaction. This report displays transactions over a date range or over a specified chunk of time: today, yesterday, this week, this month, this year.

This report can be run for one or all transaction types, customer groups, sources (on-line and in-house) and user. It can be run to show only valid bank transactions (credit cards that were processed online only) or for all transaction types. To run for "Only Valid Bank Transactions", just select the Payment Type drop down and filter for that selection:


You can always leave these alone to see All transactions. Make your selections and click the Filter button.

This report shows summary data for the selected variables at the top right of the report.

The bulk of the report shows the following data: invoice id, transaction date, last name, first name, status, type, check number, gateway transaction id, payment amount and processed by.

 Each column can be sorted by the response value (ascending or descending) by clicking on the column header title. When you click on Transaction Status the table automatically sorts by status (cashout, credit, credipymt, paid or refund status). The results may be useful for export to excel and therefore into accounting software. You may want to create a PDF of the file so that it can not be edited or changed.

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