Report Sample: Class Roster (grid) (Students/Classes)

This report shows spreadsheet-like format that shows you a line-item representation of each registrant that meet the variables you have chosen. This report must be run one time period at a time and can be run for all or one teacher/course group/course/class/enrollment status/location at a time. You have 4 data fields, pulling fom your registration form, to choose from to view on this report.

This report shows a complete listing of the fields from the class(es), invoice(s) and student(s) that you are pulling for this report including the course name, class code, student last name, student first name, invoice id, invoice status, invoice item total, any discounts applied to the invoice, amount paid, amount credited, amount refunded, payment applied, any drops or transfers and any adjusted payment associated with the drops/transfers, enrollment status (for the specific line item), primary phone, address, city, birth date, age, gender, class start/end dates, start/end times, day pattern, instructor first and last name, site, room, capacity, number of students enrolled, pending and waitlisted, minimum enrollment and time period.

All of the variables in the report can be grouped. Simply drag the header of the column you wish to group by to the header area that says Drag a column header here to group by that columnand you will see the data grouped by that variable.

The variables in the columns can be collected with the symbol at the top of each column. Select the symbol that you want to use and type the variable that you want to see based on that symbol.

This report can be exported as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.

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