Transaction Totals for All Activities Report

The Transaction Totals for All Activities Report shows transaction totals for all types of items over a specified date range. The group by options are Activity (the most detailed level of data), Group (course groups, resource groups) and Category (products, convenience fees, etc.), GL Code, Course, Time Period, Site, and Department.

The data that shows are the categories that have been selected within the date range, with the following variables: cash, check, online credit cards, other, total payments, total refunds, total paid, credit payment, credit and total change.

There are other filters that can be selected such as G/L code which will allow only those items with that specific G/L code associated to be displayed. The other is Fiscal Year, which are any fees that belong within that particular fiscal year.

Selecting "Show Detail (Sorted by Activity)", will break down every single transaction occurring within that date range individually. 

Definition of each column type for full view:

Item Type - The type of item it is described as in ASAP. Our item types are generally EVENT (Classes, Private Lessons, Events, After School Programs, Conferences), PRODUCT (Products), and various fees.

Item Title - Name of the fee.

Item Code - The particular course code associated with the item.

G/L - The G/L code number assigned to that item.

Cash, Check, CC, Other - The type of payment assigned towards that specific item. Other includes all other offline/custom forms of payment that is not credit. 

Total Payment - The total of all different payments on that particular item not including account credits used. So if there were partial payments made in say, cash and check, it will display the total payments as the sum of all different types.

Total Paid - This is the Total Payment minus any refunds.

Credit Payment - This is for any credits on the student's account that was used as payment made towards that item. This will be shown in the invoice transaction details as credit applied on the invoice.

Credit - This is any credit that was generated from that invoice item. This will be shown in the invoice transaction details as credit given on the invoice.

Total Change - This is the Total Paid including any credits given/applied. If there are only credit payments, it will add to the total paid. If there was any credit given, this would subtract from the total paid.

Summary of Payments:

Credit Cashouts ( vs A/P) - This is any credit that is cashed out of your system. Credit cashouts are not tracked with a G/L code.

Change in cash (Ttl Pmts - Refund - CR Cashouts) - This is the total paid including all other payment types minus any refunds and credit cashouts in the system.
Change in Credits - Total credits given in the system minus credits applied.

This report can be exported to a variety of formats and can be printed, though for best viewing format, select "Export to Excel" below the Filter button once the report is generated.

Full View:

Detailed View:

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