Reviewing Results & Reports

Once students have responded to your survey, you will want to view those answers. Here are instructions for doing this.

Configure | Survey Config (Survey Summary Report)
Once you have located the survey you want to view (in Configure | Survey Config), select Results for the survey line item.

This launches the Survey Summary Report. You can also access this report from Reports | Master Reports | Miscellaneous.  It will automatically show you all results for this specific report. You can change the report you want to look at from the Survey dropdown.  You can Show All responses to each question and you can Export (to Excel) responses to each question.

Reports | Master Reports | Miscellaneous (Survey Details and Survey Summary)
From here, you can select the Survey Details and the Survey Summary reports. The Survey Summary report is displayed above. The image below shows the Survey Details report.

Select the report and the date range you for which you want to see results.

When choosing the date range, make sure to choose a date range that includes both the first day you are looking for, as well as  the day after the end date of the date range.

If you are using a report that requires a login, you will see the user name of each respondent for each set of responses. Anonymous surveys (as shown below) will show the user name Anonymous Anonymous.

Note: you will see detail for the multiple choice questions but not for the text responses (see the Survey Summary report for answers to text questions)

Navigate through the pages of the report with the arrows (if there are multiple pages present), choose the file type and export (if you want to export the results) and select the print icon to print the results.

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