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The ASAP Private Lessons tool allows you to create a comprehensive private lesson inquiry process. To do this, we allow users to inquire about lessons before being assigned to an instructor. This allows you to place them with appropriate instructors. The inquiry form is customizable so that you can easily select which information you would like the user to provide as well as which questions are mandatory prior to inquiry submission.


To create the inquiry form, you will use the Private Lesson Form Builder. You access and customize it in the steps below:


1) Go to Private Lessons in the left nav

2) Select “Inquiry Form”

3) This will take you the Private Lesson Form Builder ( From there, you can choose which of the options are displayed (check/uncheck boxes on left) and which ones are mandatory before submission (check/uncheck boxes on right).

4) Before you select Inquiry Information, you will need to select which Personal Information about the inquiring student you would like to retrieve.





6) You may choose to collect other information, including Demographic Info, Medical Info, Education Info and Emergency Contacts. In this example, the user has chosen to not select any of the options.



7) You will then select any Lesson Inquiry questions you choose to ask your users.





8) You may add custom questions in the bottom section, “Other.” To do this, type the question in the text area and then select if the answer should come via a textbox, dropdown or file upload. If you select a drop-down, you must also include the drop-down options.

9) Click "Save Form" when done.

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Customizing the inquiry form


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