Add a Session to an Existing Conference Enrollment

Use these instructions if you want to add a session for an existing conference enrollment.

Please note that this is only functional for single day conference. This will not be functional for multi-day conferences.

In this example, a student has been enrolled into all but one session for a full conference.

First, navigate to the conference. Make sure that you are in the main conference and not an individual conference session.

From here, select the name of the student you are working with.

This will take you to the conference enrollment screen for this student for this conference. Notice that all of the sessions other than the bottom session have options for drops and transfers, but the bottom session has the option to add session. This is the session that the student is not enrolled in. 

Click Add Session


Click the session (as you would select a class in Quick Enroll) so that the session appears in green. Then, select Add Selected Session.

You will see a message that confirms that the session was added successfully AND you will no longer see the Add Session option for the session you just added.

PLEASE NOTE:  Select the student name to navigate to the student details page for this student, and check to see if an invoice was just generated. If this individual session has a separate fee, an invoice will have been created, and payment will need to be processed. If you see a new invoice in the student details page, select the invoice and process the payment and/or email the invoice to the student as you normally would.

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