Lesson packages

First, what are Lesson Packages?

Let’s imagine that Samantha, a customer, wants to purchase eight private lessons. She doesn’t know the details of the lessons yet. But she wants to make the payment today. Now, with Lesson Packages, she can do this. By going online, she can select a Lesson Package for eight lessons, which is equivalent to eight Lesson Credits. An invoice will be generated. Then, the administrator can select the schedule, location and instructor for Samantha’s Private Lessons.

In simplest terms, Lesson Packages are bundles of lessons, which are paid for by the customer in advance. The Private Lesson placement process occurs after the generation of the invoice. 

Configuring Your Lesson Packages


To access the Lesson Package Admin page, you will go to Private Lessons > Lesson Packages (http://app.asapconnected.com/LessonPackageAdmin.aspx). On this page, you may create, manage and purchase Lesson Packages.


First, we recommend that you create a Lesson Package Description, which will appear on the public Lesson Package page (http://register.asapconnected.com/LessonPackages.aspx). This is optional. But it will allow your customers to better understand Lesson Packages.

Below the Description, you may create Lesson Packages. To do this, you will need a Package Name, Time Period, Number of Lessons and Fee Tier. If you wish, you may also allow the user to select the instructor. Note that if the use selects the instructor, the Fee Tier will be whatever Fee Tier is associated with that instructor.




Once the Lesson Packages are created, you will be able to view them under “My Lesson Packages.”

Purchase a Lesson Package (Admin)

You may purchase a Lesson Package via admin. This means that you are selecting a Lesson Package to be invoiced to a particular student. To do this, click on the “Purchase” button in the Lesson Package Admin page. This will lead you to POSHome.aspx, where you will see pre-populated information for the selected Lesson Package. From there, you may select the duration for the lesson.

After you have added the Lesson Package, you may proceed to generate the invoice.

Purchase a Lesson Package (Customer)

The customer may also purchase a Lesson Package on the public site. When they go to the Online Registration site and click on Private Lessons from the left hand navigation panel, they will be able to select a subject that they are interested in. For example, Guitar. After selecting the desired subject they will have an option to either "Apply for Lessons" or "Purchase Lessons". If they choose the "Purchase Lessons" option they will be able to buy a lesson package for that subject.



Enrolling Students in Private Lessons

It’s easy for administrators to find Lesson Package holders on the Private Lesson Enrollments page (http://app.asapconnected.com/PLEnrollments.aspx). By filtering for ‘TBD’ lessons, the admin can find Lesson Package holders.

To enroll Lesson Package holders in Private Lessons, click on the ‘Edit’ link, which will bring you to Lesson Creation page (http://app.asapconnected.com/PLEnroll.aspx). On this page, the admin can select the instructor, location and schedule (day, time, starting date) for the lesson.  However, the administrator will not be able to edit or change any other information, as it has already been selected and the invoice has been generated based on that selection. The invoice information appears at the bottom of the page.

Once the enrollment has been updated, the Lesson Package is much like any other Private Lesson. It has a lesson schedule and an invoice. The main difference is only that the invoice was generated in advance.


We’re thrilled to offer Lesson Packages to our ASAP customers. It is a new feature that will go through some changes in the coming weeks, and we look forward to hearing your input.


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