Obtain your BluePay Account ID and Secret Key and set up your payment gateway in ASAP

If you are using BluePay as your payment gateway, you will need this information from Bluepay. To obtain this, do the following:

1. Log into the BluePay 2.0 gateway

2. From the Administration menu, choose Accounts, and then List

3. On the Account List, under Options on the right-hand side, choose the first icon to view the account. It looks like a pair of eyes

4. On the Account Admin page, you will find the ACCOUNT ID is the second item in the right-hand column and the SECRET KEY is about halfway down the page, near a large red warning.

Once you have this information, log in to your ASAP admin panel and select Configure | Preferences.

Navigate to the Payment and Transaction Configuration section and select Update Gateway Information.

Select BluePay as the gateway type your BluePay Account ID and Secret Key and save changes. When ASAP asks you if you want to override any existing gateway information, confirm that you do want to save the new information.

Now, the only thing left to do is to test this new gateway information. Set up a class (or anything with a very small fee) and run a test transaction with a real credit card. If it goes through, log into your BluePay account to verify that everything processed correctly. If it doesn't go through, repeat the steps above for updating gateway information and test again until it processes correctly.


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