How Your Registration Forms Appear To Your Customers

Lets have a look at how the different sections of your registration form will be seen by your customers. To see your forms, first navigate to your online registration site, click Login, then click the Create New Account button.

The online version of your form is split into three pages:

1. Account Information

The first page you see is for collecting account information: the name of the primary account holder (this is the student’s name if they’re an adult, or the parent’s name if they’re not), their address, phone number, etc.

The questions that appear in this section are controlled from the “Account Information” section of the registration form tool (the first section of the form). Those are the only questions that will appear on this page.

(Note: If a parent is using the form to enroll a child in a class, you can also think of the Account Information section as the “Parent Information” section. If you have questions that you only want the parent to answer, you would add them to this section. Do not create a separate “Parent” registration form to collect parent information as the parent will never see that form.)

2. Student Information

After you complete the first page and click the Next button you’ll see the page containing the questions that will be asked of each person who is being enrolled in a class. If the person completing the form is an adult student, then they will fill out this page for themselves. If the person completing the form is a parent registering a child, then they will fill out this page once for each child they are enrolling.

This page will display the questions from every section of the registration form tool EXCEPT for the Account Information section (discussed above) and the “Emergency Contacts” section (discussed below).

3. Emergency Contact Information

The last page is for collecting emergency contacts and “authorized for pick-up” contacts. A student or parent will only see this page if you have the Emergency Contacts section of your registration form turned on.

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    Angelina M. Cabrera

    Is there a way to have certain versions of applications linked to After School Programs and one for our camps?

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