Cash Out Credit

Use these instructions if you ever need to take account/system credit and convert that into monies that you will give back to the student.

On the student detail page, you will see that there is credit in the account. Click the Cashout this Credit link.


This will open an area to cash out the credit. Type the amount you are cashing out and a note (your organization may have internal policies for noting things like this, so make sure to follow those instructions). Click save. This will generate an invoice.

On the student detail screen, note that the credit available in the account is no longer visible because it's no longer there. Note that an invoice has been created. Click on the invoice number.

Follow your company policies for processing and managing this refund. You will still need to give the monies back to the student. Feel free to add notes to the invoice and/or print the invoice, according to your organization's policies.

Just a side note, remember that when you cash out credit, you are literally cashing out the credit from the account. This is a method used if the student no longer wants to keep the credit in their account. This is not the same as refunding a student or trying to put this credit back on their credit card. If you are trying to process a refund for a student, please follow this link here: Refunds


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