Email confirmation logos

To cause a logo to appear on email confirmations, upload a file called logo.jpg to your image folder.  This will cause the logo to appear on all email templates automatically.

The logo must be a jpg, needs to be named logo.jpg and should be no bigger than 150x150.

To upload a file to your image folder, go to any text editor field, such as Create Course, go to the Description field, click the icon for Image Manager. An Image Manager popup for uploading will appear. Notice other files and images that may have been uploaded already.  Click “+Upload” , click Select to browse your computer and find the image file you want to use (use parameters mentioned above), select the file and click Open or Insert, then click Upload. 

Even if you cancel out of the Create Course page now, this image is now uploaded into your system.  And if the image has the correct size (no bigger than 150x150) and file name of “logo.jpg”, it will automatically populate into the email templates.  Any existing file with name of “logo.jpg”  will be replaced by any newly uploaded files of the same name.

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    Paul Spencer

    It's not over-writing my existing file. Is there another way to get to the file manager?
    Also, the reason I need to over-write it is that even though the image is only 150px wide, it is displayed all squeezed up. I wondered if it's because it's only 48px high, which I'm trying to test by uploading a square one 150 x 150 and seeing how that comes out.

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