Bulk lesson enrollments

If you want to modify lesson enrollments in bulk, this can be done on the Lesson Changes page. This allows you to modify, for example, all the lessons with an instructor on Tuesday. You can change the day, time, instructor or location. 

1. Go to Private Lessons.

2. Go to “Lesson Changes.”

3. Filter for the lesson instances you want changed. Take note that all lesson instances displayed in the grid will be changed.

4. Once you have made your filtered selection, you may change the lesson instances. To do this, click on "Change To." You may select  new Day, Time, Instructor or Location. Take note that time is managed by choosing how many "Minutes Ahead" or "Minutes Back" you want to change the selected lessons. Conversely, you may also select to Cancel lessons. If so, skip to #5.

5. You may then choose to "Update Lessons" after your selection is made. If you are choosing to cancel lessons, skip on "Cancel Lessons."

Example of Lesson Changes Page


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