Adding an FAQ section to your registration site

Note: Adding FAQ content requires some basic knowledge of HTML. If you are not comfortable with doing this yourself please send a request to our Services team via the Custom Work Order form (under Get Help - ASAP Account) and include your FAQ content in the body of the request or as an attachment. Otherwise, carry on...

Creating a customized FAQ page on your ASAP registration website is easy. 

Start by navigating to your Online Registration Website Dashboard from the admin portal (Configure - Online Registration Site)

Here you'll find a section labeled "Customize FAQ Content"


In this section you can enter any content all of your FAQ content in the ASAP Text Editor. 

For best results we suggest you enter your content either directly into the Design view of the editor, or paste any HTML into the HTML tab of the editor. 



Now that you have your new FAQ content saved in the system you'll need to add a link to your website so people can get to your new page. 

To do this just scroll up to the top of the page and open the section labeled "Edit Your Website Template" and click on the "edit CSS" link" (if there are multiple then you should choose the one at the top).


This will display a few text areas. Scroll down to the one with the header "Edit Your Site Header HTML"


This is the section where your links are generated for the header of your website. To add a link to your new FAQ page paste the following html after the </span> of the link that you want it to follow:

<span class="headerlink"><a href="FAQ.aspx">FAQ</a></span> 

Click the Update Header button. 

That's it. Your new FAQ content is now live on your website!


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