Custom course fields

The Custom Fields section of a Course allows you to create a field for internal purposes. When you create a Custom Field in a Course, this field is accessible in all courses. It does not show to the public on the ASAP Public Portal. 

Example: if an organization wants to track a unique identifier for internal matching purposes against a 3rd party system, you can create a custom field (call it 3rd Party ID) and then enter a value in each individual course.

To create a custom field, follow these steps:

  1. Find any course, click Edit Course
  2. Scroll down to the Custom Fields section.
  3. Click "Add New Custom Field" and provide a name/label.
  4. Click "Save New Field".
  5. Click "Save and Close" at the bottom.

You will now see this field on every Course Edit page.

** Note: Course Custom Fields are unique to each organization. At this time, the data is only accessible via custom reports that must be ordered.

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