Entering your merchant account / gateway information into ASAP

This article explains how to input the codes and information necessary for ASAP to talk to your gateway/merchant account. You need to obtain the correct fields that we need in ASAP to successfully connect and transaction credit cards. 

  • In ASAP, Click Configure | Preferences and under Payment and Transaction Configuration, Click Update Gateway Information.
  • A new box will appear below prompting you to select a gateway.
  • Select your chosen gateway/merchant provider.
  • Enter the correct codes and keys as noted. Each provider has a different set of keys, so please refer to your gateway/merchant provider for this information. 

Once you have connected your merchant account, we strongly recommend the following:

  • RUN A TEST TRANSACTION. Do this with a live credit card through either your admin or public portals.

If the transaction doesn't process, verify your codes again and save changes. Repeat these steps until you have a valid credit card transaction. Once you have tested your gateway, you can either void the transaction in your gateway/merchant account immediately, drop the student from the class and process an offline refund OR you can wait 24 hours until the batch clears through your gateway and you can drop and give a full credit card refund through ASAP.

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