Control where Account information Custom questions appear in registration forms



The top section of registration forms, Account Information, is designed to align with family accounts, not with individual student accounts. Family accounts include information that is true for ALL members of a family. 

By default, these questions/responses are applicable to the primary parent record and the family account. 

Some schools register children only or adults only, and some schools have registration for both parents/adults and children. This means that when a registrant is filling out a registration form, he/she will be prompted to answer the "What describes you best?" question, with an option to respond that he/she is registering him/herself for a class or is a parent registering a student.


If you are configuring a registration form and are a school with both parents and children, you might want to have a custom field in the Account Information section that appears ONLY for the parent (or only for a child or for both). To configure fields with these options, choose the appropriate response in this popup. 

  • If you select Parent, the response will be associated with both the parent/primary account and the family account
  • If you select Student, the response will be associated only with the student account (not the parent/primary account or the family account)
  • If you select Both, there will be responses for (you guessed it!) both the parent/primary/family account and for student accounts but the responses will be different, based on the responses that are provided by the parent. 




If you already have Account Information fields configured, click the field that you want to edit and choose who you want to have the field available for. 


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