Canceling lessons

Things change, and you may need to cancel one or all of a student's lessons. 

If you have a student who needs to cancel just one or a few lessons, here's what you do:

1. Search for the student, then after you click on their name, click on the name of the lesson under the Active Enrollments tab.

2. Select the lesson or lessons you want to cancel and click the Cancel Selected Lessons link. To cancel all of the student's future lessons, click the Cancel Lessons link without selecting any lessons first.

3. ASAP will display the cost of the lessons you're canceling and give you two options:

  • reduce the amount due on the student's invoice if it's still unpaid (or give credit to the student if it is paid)
  • cancel the lesson but do not adjust the invoice or credit the student

4. Once you make your selection, click the Cancel Lessons button and you're done!

Using this option will NOT change the student's status to DROPPED. 

Why Can't I Cancel This Lesson?

ASAP won't let you cancel a lesson when attendance has been taken for that lesson. This is because the attendance record is tied to that lesson, and if you remove the lesson you remove the attendance record and any payroll information that's tied to it. 

You can still cancel lessons that were scheduled for dates in the past, as long as no attendance was taken for that lesson.

If your student has withdrawn and you need to mark them as DROPPED, follow these steps


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