Editing student information

When you edit student or family account records you now have the ability to update all of the data from a single page. No more going back and forth between students, parents, account info, contacts, etc. 

From the Family Profile page in admin (and also available for your customers from their User Account page) click on the "Edit Account" button and you will be taken to the all-new Account Edit screen:




Clicking on the unique sections will expand those sections to display the form items prepolulated with existing data.

As you update each section you can choose to Save and Continue which will save the data and automatically expand the next section:



And to wrap up, one of the coolest new uses for this consolidated form is to be able to send a link to any one of your preconfigured forms, allowing students to navigate directly there to update any specific set of data. So many use cases for this, and I know many of you have waited a long time for this update. Here’s how you do it…

  1. Navigate to your Form Builder (under Configure – Reg Forms)
  2. Select the form that you want to link to from the dropdown list
  3. Click the “Get direct link to this reg form” link
  4. Copy the link from the dialog box
  5. Add that link to any email






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  • Avatar
    Cecilia Chaves

    We are having trouble in Edit Student Info and Edit Account

  • Avatar
    Susan Fordham

    We are not able to edit student information. We were able to do this last week.

  • Avatar
    Kenia Sandoval

    We are not able to edit information either!

  • Avatar

    We're also having this problem. If there is only one student associated with the account, or it's the primary account holder, I can edit the account information, but not the personal or anything else.

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