Changing Your Logo

If you have a new logo and want to update ASAP, you need to upload that logo to the Image Manager. Click here to find out how: Email confirmation and invoice logos

If you have trouble uploading the logo and ASAP won't allow you to overwrite the existing one, you will need our assistance. Email support at Ask us to replace the old logo with the new one (and include it in the email). To be sure it shows up correctly, it needs to be no bigger than 150 X 150 px. 

Once you have heard from us that we have replaced the logo, you will want to clear the cache on your browser(s). This will remove all trace of the old logo and the new logo will appear on your invoices, printable, etc. from your browser.

Once we replace the logo, be sure to check your Public Portal to ensure the changes took affect correctly. Your Public Portal can be modified by following these instructions: Edit your Website Template

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