Delete custom questions in online registration forms

You may find that when you configure an online registration form and add custom questions, over time these custom questions may need to be deleted if they become irrelevant, or for any other reason.

To do so, navigate to your left panel and select Configure>Reg forms.

This will take you to the form builder page. Select the reg form you want to edit. We'll select this default registration form that has already been configured and created in the past. 

Scroll down to the "additional information" section of the form configuration. This is where the custom questions will be featured. 

In this example, we see that someone accidentally added two of the same question "level of mandarin." We want to delete one of these since we don't need two of them.

We'll go ahead and delete the second copy of the "Level of Mandarin", shown at the bottom.

Click on the name of the question, and a dialogue box will appear with options to edit the question name. At the top left, you will see "delete this question." 

After selecting "delete this question," you will be prompted to confirm the delete.

If this question has been on the reg form for any amount of time and has been answered by any users during registration, you will instead see a message stating "You can not delete this question because there are some answers tied to it. Would you like to hide it instead?" You may choose to hide it instead in this case, which will cause the question to no longer be shown on the form, and will not affect the answers already submitted by registrants.



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