Your Online Registration Site

One half of ASAP is the online registration site we build for you. Using your online registration site your customers can:

  • view all of your class and lesson offerings
  • enroll in a class and pay by credit card
  • login to their account to view their schedule, make a payment, edit their account info, etc

To view your online registration site, follow this link, and then change the four digit number at the end of the link to your organization's four digit ASAP number. Once you're looking at your own registration site it's a good idea to bookmark that link as you'll be going there often.

Your registration site works just like any other online shopping site. When a student finds a class they want to enroll in they’ll click the “Register Now!” link for that class, which will add that class to their shopping cart (go ahead and try all of this out now with one of your own classes). After they’ve placed all the classes they wish to enroll in in their cart they’ll either login to their account and pay their registration fees or they’ll have to create an account if they don’t have one.

You can customize the questions that appear on your registration form. You can make some required and some not, you can hide some, create new ones, etc.

Once the student has created their account they’ll be taken to a payment page where they can enter their credit card information and pay their registration fees. As soon as their fees are paid they are enrolled in your classes, there’s nothing more that you need to do. All payments from your online registration site go straight into your bank account.

Now that the student has created an account they can login at anytime to view their class schedule, their payments, and other information that they used to have to contact you for, which is why it's advantageous for both you and them to encourage them to register via your online registration site rather than over the phone or in person (although you can easily register them via the admin tool if you need to).

Got it? Great, now let's look at the admin tool.

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