Working In The Admin Tool

The other half of ASAP is the admin tool. This is where you'll be logging in every day to do your work: viewing registrations and invoices, searching for student info, creating new classes and lessons, running reports, etc.

Once a student has created an account and registered for a class using your online registration site, you can see that student's record and enrollment in the admin tool. Just enter the name of the student or the class in the Quick Search search box on the left and click Go. 

Go ahead and search for yourself under Students. Once you get to your student detail page you’ll see all of the information you entered when you completed your online registration form. Under the Active Enrollments tab you’ll see the class that you just enrolled in, and under the Invoices tab you’ll see the invoice that was created when you paid your registration fee.

Now click on the invoice ID number (it's a link). That will take you to the invoice page. Every time someone registers for a class or an event or a lesson, an invoice is created for that transaction. On the invoice you’ll see the name of the class you just registered for. Click the class name to go to the class detail page for that class.

The class page is pretty similar to the student page: at the top are all the details about that class (when and where it meets, who the teacher is, how much it costs, etc) and information about class capacity and the number of current registrations, and below that is the class roster where you should see your name if you registered for that class.

Now, lets say someone wants to register for a class but they need you to do it for them. For that you’ll click the Quick Enroll link in the left hand navigation, then search for the student you wish to enroll (if the student doesn’t have an account you’ll have to create one for them by clicking the New link), search for the class they wish to enroll in, then click.

You can do a lot more with ASAP but once you can find students, classes, and invoices, and you can start enrolling people in classes, you’re halfway there :-)


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