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If you're new to ASAP, the best thing I can recommend is to spend a couple of hours using the product. Go to your online registration site, register for a class as if you were a student, create an account for yourself, and view your account to see what that looks like.

Then login to the admin tool and search for yourself, see what your enrollment looks like, what your invoice looks like, etc. Then drop yourself from your class, or transfer yourself to a different class, etc. Enroll yourself in a class via the admin tool. If you offer private lessons, events, afterschool programs, etc, you can go through basically the same process. The more you use ASAP the more comfortable you'll get with it when the time comes to actually use it. 

After you do that you should create an account on this support site by clicking the link at the top right of this page. Once you have an account you can ask questions of other ASAP users, request new features, and submit and track support requests.


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    I can't get to the Admin center. All I get are links to instructions. but no link to the place where I can email students

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