Adding an additional instructor to a class

There may be classes you wish to assign multiple instructors to. This newly added instructor will be similar to a secondary instructor, as the system will keep the primary instructor as is.  These additional instructors are counted as an instructor for all the class dates.   For example, they would be shown as an instructor for all the class dates and hours on the Instructor hours report.  If an instructor will not be teaching or be paid for all the classes, the instructor should be entered as a substitute instructor instead.  (Note: The primary instructor must be already set up to add an additional instructor)

To do this, first select the class you would like to add an additional instructor to and navigate to this class' detail page.

When you are here, Find the "I want to..." Dropdown menu and select "Manage instructors and sponsors."

On the next page, you will be given the option to enter the details for the additional instructor. First, select "Add additional instructor." A number of dropdown menus will appear, where you will enter the information to select the instructor, job class (not always applicable if job classes are not configured,) payroll type, and you will also be able to add a note if you wish.

When you are satisfied with your changes, select "Save." You can confirm your changes were saved when you see a green message appear towards the top stating "Instructor saved."

Go back to the class detail page by following the link at the bottom titled "Return to:(class title)"

You will then see your additional instructor added to the class, along with the primary instructor.



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