How to setup Elavon as your gateway/merchant in ASAP

Here is how you set up Elavon as your gateway / merchant account in ASAP.

To enter into ASAP: click Configure | Preferences and under Payment and Transaction Configuration, click Update Gateway Information. A new section opens below called Gateway Configuration. Select Elavon.

Log into your Elavon account online by going to:

In the top left of the page, you will see your User ID and other information. You need three pieces of information:

Merchant ID = six numerical characters (see top left of website after logging in called Account ID) 
User ID = usually alpha characters/letters supplied to you by Customer Activation and Training at Elavon 
Pin = 64 characters long 

To get Pin: go to User and click Change Pin. 64 characters long 

Please note: your Elavon account must be enabled with HTTPS Transaction option turned on as well as be an e-commerce merchant account.


Once you enter and Save (clicking Save and confirming the Save), you should run a test transaction by creating a manual fee on a test student. Run it against a real credit card. If it works, you are golden. Go ahead and void that record in the merchant account so you don't have to worry about refunding it a day or two later.

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