Editing the amounts on an invoice

Sometimes you create an invoice and realize something's not right. Maybe the discount that got applied was misconfigured and now the invoice is too heavily discounted. Or perhaps one of the items on the invoice has a fee for the wrong amount. 

Have no fear! ASAP has a host of tools for modifying invoices while maintaining the integrity of your financial reports. The strongest tool for editing an invoice is the "Make Adjustment" tool. You can find the link to this tool towards the bottom of the InvoiceDetail page (see below):

Once you click it, a modal will pop up. In this modal you can specify whether you're adjusting an invoice item or a discount, whether you're adjusting it up or down, and how much you're adjusting it by. You can also give the adjustment you're creating a name and description for record-keeping purposes.

Keep in mind that you can adjust an item up by any amount you'd like, but you can only adjust it down by the remaining cost of the item. For example, if an item on an invoice were $100 but it had been discounted by $25 and the student had made a $25 payment against the item, you could only adjust the item down by a maximum of $50.

To see the payments allocated to an item, select the "Re-allocate Payments" button and click the drop down of the payment type you had used. This will display how much of that particular payment type has been applied to the invoice item.

When adjusting discounts, you are picking a particular allocation of a discount rather than the whole discount. So instead of adjusting your Generic Discount, you would adjust the chunk of your Generic Discount allocated to Item A. That way you have total control over where your discounts get allocated, and how much each discount allocation is for.

When you click the Save button the modal will close and the page will reload with the invoice recalculated. The adjustment is calculated into the displayed cost of the item, but the details of the adjustment are hidden by default:

Adjustments to a discount will not be visible, they will just be calculated into the discount amount below the Invoice Subtotal.

Click "Show Adjustments" to see the original cost of the item, as well as all of that item's adjustments.

All the characteristics of the item you're adjusting, including G/L code, are contained in the adjustment record and will be tracked appropriately in your financial reports. 

Happy adjusting!

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