In this series we'll introduce you to the core concepts of ASAP. Then we'll tell you where to go to find more information regarding the features that are most important to you.

What Is ASAP?

ASAP is what’s known as class management software. It’s a web-based application (meaning you access it via your web browser) that’s helps you manage all of the day-to-day tasks that go along with offering classes or lessons, such as:

 - managing registrations and payments
 - taking attendance
 - managing class rosters and waitlists
 - dropping and transferring students
 - viewing student, teacher, and class schedules
 - managing room availability
 - generating reports on all of the above
 - etc

You can think of ASAP as consisting of two parts:

1. The administrative, or “admin”, site: This is where you’ll be logging in every day to do your work. When you first set up your ASAP account, this is where you’ll be entering all of your class and lesson names, descriptions, fees, etc. Once everything is up and running you'll be logging in every day to run reports, check on class capacity, take attendance, process payments and refunds when needed, and register those students who don't wish to register online.

2. Your online registration site: This is your online course catalog; it’s the place you’ll send your students or customers to enroll in your classes, events, etc. It’s automatically generated by ASAP after you have all of your classes entered and your online registration window configured.

Let’s begin our tour of ASAP by looking at the online registration site.

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