Selling tickets through the admin tool

Have you found yourself at the office wondering,"This student wants a ticket to an event but doesn't have access to a computer?" Well, ponder no longer! Use this guide to help you figure out how to purchase tickets through the admin tool. This method is good for people who are already registered with your organization.

There are two surefire methods to ensure proper sale to your event. The first way would be the simplest method. On the left nav panel, select Find > Events. Search for the name of the event that you would like to sell tickets for. Once you find the event, all you would have to do is select the "Purchase Tickets" button.

From here, this will bring you to the page in order to find and select the student that you are purchasing the tickets for. Once you have found and selected the student, you are brought to a new page to select the quantity of what type and how many tickets you would like to sell the student and click "Update". The quantity of tickets can be selected up to 50. Once you have determined how many tickets you would like to sell the student, select "Add Tickets to Cart".

From here, you can create a new invoice by selecting "Generate Invoice", cancel the ticket purchasing by selecting "& Exit", or change the quantity of tickets to be sold. To change the quantity of the tickets you would like to sell, you would first need to select "Delete" from the ticket item field. From there, it would be the same process as the previous page. Once you are complete, select "Generate Invoice" to have an invoice produced for the registrant to pay off. 

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