Customizing the lesson inquiry form


The inquiry form is much like the registration form in that it can be customized based on the information you would like to gather from your customers. The Private Lessons module comes equipped with a default inquiry form which is broken down into several sections with questions that can be marked visible, visible and required, or left as unmarked which would leave them off the form entirely.


Here are steps for how to set up your customized inquiry form:

1. Go to Private Lessons>Inquiry Form


2. Review questions and choose which ones you'd like to make visible and required on the form using the columns at the right


3. If desired, click the "+ Add a new question" link at the top right of each section to add new questions to the form.


 4. To reorder questions on the form, just drag and drop questions using the arrow icons to the right of each question.


5. When you're done setting up the form, click the "Save Form" button.

6. If you'd like to preview the form in order to see how it will appear to your customers, just click the "Preview This Form" link at the top of the page


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