Where are my Events?

You just created all these fancy, new events but where can I find them? As an admin, the easiest way would be to use the left nav panel and go to Find > Events.  Just that simple right? Well, maybe you have a long list of events? Maybe you need to find an event on a certain date? The filters located at the top of the screen will help guide you in the right direction. Let's go over each of them.

The "Date Range" allows you to set what time duration you are searching for. This is helpful if you need to go back to past events as the only ones that will be displayed initially are upcoming events. This is also helpful if you run into an issue where an event happens the same day but is past a certain time. Expanding the date range will allow it to show up.

The "Location" drop down will help you find events that are in certain locations. This is great if you know you have an event at a certain area.

The "Event Name" is just that. This will help you search for events by their name. Now keep in mind, the only events displayed below are upcoming ones. This means if you're searching for the name of an event that has past, you would need to set the date range filter to a past date as well in order to pull up that information.

After all of that, just go ahead and click on your event's name and that's it! Welcome to the details of your event.

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