Linking to your registration site

Let's look at how to find your ASAP registration site (if you haven't already) and how to guide your customers to it as well.

How to find your registration site

To view your registration site go to, replacing the four x's with your four-digit ASAP account ID. Your account ID is displayed on the dashboard of the admin tool.

How to send your customers to your site

Most of our clients add a link to their ASAP registration site from their current marketing site. You can add a link to your site that says something like "Click here to register for classes!" and have that link point to your ASAP site. You can also email the link to your customers if you like.

If you want to link to a particular page within your registration site you can do that too, but make sure you add "org=xxxx" to the end of any link you post (again replacing the x's with your org ID).

Linking to individual classes

You can also point your customers to individual classes on your registration site. You can even send them links that will take your customer to your site's shopping cart with the class already in it! Here's what you do:

1. In your ASAP account search for the class you want to link to

2. When you're on the right class page, select "View links to online registration" from the "I want to:" menu:

3. Copy one of the three links to post to your site or send in an email. "Event Detail" takes you to the class detail page on your site; "Add to Cart" takes you to your shopping cart with the class in it; and Direct Checkout allows them to purchase the class without completing your online registration form.

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    Robert B. Haase

    This information is inaccurate for those of us with the new "Go Site" registration. How do we link to the Go site instead?

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