Rescheduling lessons (date, time and duration)

Most of the changes that you need to make to an existing enrollment can be done from the Private Lesson Detail page. From this page you can reschedule, cancel, or add lesson instances to an enrollment, change the instructor, room, and location for an enrollment, change the duration for a set of lessons and cancel an enrollment. Additionally, you can view, schedule or cancel unscheduled lessons.

Now we’ll go ahead and break these down into individual sections:

Rescheduling Lessons:

Follow these steps to reschedule lessons from the Private Lesson Detail page:

  1. Select the lessons you would like to reschedule by clicking on the boxes to the left of the lesson
  2. Once all of the desired boxes are selected click the link “Reschedule Selected Lessons”
  3. Next, from the Lesson Modification Window choose a day, time, and date for your rescheduled lessons from the dropdown menus
  4. If you are changing the lesson duration you will need to choose the new duration from the duration dropdown

Note: if you are changing the duration you will see a message for the amount that will be added or deducted from the invoice total

Another note: if there are unscheduled lessons, the duration of these lessons will NOT be changed.

  1. If desired, choose to notify the student or cc the instructor regarding the schedule change
  2. Click Reschedule Lessons to view the new lesson schedule or click Reschedule Lessons and View Invoice to be redirected to the invoice detail.


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