Import CASAS Test Scores from TOPS to ASAP

The following instructions show how to import test scores from CASAS TOPS Enterprise and import into ASAP. 

In TOPS Enterprise (TE), pull up the test records you want to import into ASAP.  

  1. In TE, go to Records/Tests
  2. Enter a date range
  3. Uncheck the EL Civics Additional Assessment Forms when filtering your test score data



     4.  Click Export/Export WIOA 3rd Party Test Data.

     5.  Export this result set to a CSV file and save this file on your local computer.

Login into ASAP and go to In the dropdown, select the option “Import Tops Tests”. Click the “Choose File” button and browse to your test score file. Click Upload to start the process.

The test scores will be imported into ASAP and now your teachers can view these scores by clicking “I want to… Manage CASAS TOPSpro” from the Class Detail page. Each student has a Test Score link and the teacher can view all the scores for each student.  Use the Class Test Score link to view a roster of scores.

Test scores can also be viewed individually per student from the Student Detail page.  From the Students Detail page, click the Test Scores tab in the lower right corner.  From the dropdown menu "All Test Result (Except CASAS), select CASAS Tests.

All imported scores can also be viewed using the Imported CASAS TOPS Test Scores report found under View Reports/Master Reports/Custom Queries

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    Susan Lozada

    If I import a batch of tests from TE for the period of September 1st through September 30th, into ASAP, what will happen if I have five tests given to me in October that would be in this date range. Is there a way I can import these five records, or if I do it my Sept. 1 - 30th, will it duplicate the records I have already imported into ASAP

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