Taking class attendance

Taking class attendance in ASAP is quite simple. You have a few options of taking attendance; from the class detail page directly, through the bulk hourly attendance tool, and through the class attendance tool. We'll go through each of these individually. 

Taking attendance from a class detail page 

 First, find the class you wish to take attendance for, and navigate to the main class detail page for this class.

You will see a dropdown menu named "attendance options." Click this menu, and select "take attendance." 

Once you click "take attendance" and are redirected to the attendance page, first select which day you would like to take attendance for from the "dates" dropdown menu.

Next, you will see a grey ">" arrow. Click this to open the dropdown attendance information.

From here you will see all enrolled student's names. You can check the box next to each student's name who was present on this date. The class times will default in the time boxes, but if a student came late or left early, for example, you can manually change the time. 

If there was a substitute for this specific class instance, you can select the "substitute present" box and then add which substitute taught this class for that date. 

Once you are satisfied with the attendance options, click the "save" button, and your attendance will be saved.



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    Nancy Singelman
    I can log in, but no students generate under my name. I don't see a caseload. My name is Nancy Singelman and I am a teacher in classroom 134 at Salinas High school.
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