Applying late fees to overdue invoices

You can apply a late fee to a group of invoices that are a certain number of days past due.

1. Open the Invoice Report (View Reports > Master Reports > Invoice Report).

2. Select "Past Due" from the "Filter Type" menu.

3. Select the due date for the invoices you wish to add a late fee to. For example, if you want to apply a late fee to all invoices that are 30 days past due, select a date 30 days in the past.

4. Once you've entered the date, click the "Add Filter" button, and then the "Run Report" button. 

5. Now, to add the late fee to all the invoices in the list, click the "Add a Late Fee" button. Enter the amount of the late fee you wish to apply and click "Add the Late Fee".

ASAP will now add the late fee you entered to all invoices displayed in the invoice report.


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