Reg Form fields required for TOPS

Be sure to include the following REG FORM items for students enrolled in classes funded by WIA/WIOA for TOPS reporting.

Check these REG FORM items as VISIBLE and REQUIRED. (exception - leave #11 and #12 not required)

Account Information

1.  First Name

2.  Last Name

3.  Postal code (Home Zip Code)

Personal Information

4.  Gender

5.  Date of Birth

Demographic Info

6.  Hispanic

7.  Labor Force Status

8.  Ethnicity

9.  Language Spoken at Home (Native Language)

Education History

10.  Highest Level Completed

11.  Majority of my schooling was outside of U.S.

12.  I Earned the Above Outside of the U.S.

13.  Number of Years School Completed

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