Fixing invoices with the "Recalculate Invoice" link

Have you had issues where a payment plan set up is not displaying correctly? Maybe you've just transferred a class for a student and the math just does not look correct. Well, we have a built in feature to help alleviate some of these issues where the invoice totals are not adding up.

Using the "Recalculate Invoice" found on the invoice details should help in most cases where the invoice is calculating incorrectly.

Reviewing some of the functions for what the "Recalculate Invoice" button does:

  • Checks the invoice to see if there are any disconnections between a class/session. If so, will create the proper conference or camp the session is found in.
  • It will check to see if there were any leftover adjustments before an invoice item was removed. If one is found, it will remove the adjustment as well. With this, any incorrect allocations such as payments made towards items no longer found on the invoice will either be re-allocated to a correct item or not allocated at all.
  • Checks to make sure that all invoice items are adding up correctly. If there is something wrong with the math such as line items not summing up or discounts incorrectly subtracting the wrong amount, this will fix the issue.
  • Makes sure discounts are adding correctly. This means that if say, the percentage on the discount was generated improperly, the button will fix this. This will not correct any discount allotments or will it try to re-apply a discount for added items on the invoice.
  • Any payment plans on the invoice can be adjusted through this as well. A perfect example is one where a payment plan is added on to an invoice after a payment has already been made. This will add on the previous payments within the payment instances.
  • With payment plans, this will also check to see if there are any incorrect processed payments. If say, there is a processed payment for a future instance, this will adjust the totals correctly.
  • If a payment plan was missing the paid amount on the invoice, may reduce the total payments scheduled. 

List of items that this button will not do:

  • Anything missing from the invoice such as adjustments, discounts, or fees will NOT appear.
  • Correct any discounts not applied automatically when the invoice was initially created.
  • Will not update any payments "stuck" in processing.
  • This will not correct any information that may be incorrect under the invoice item such as: total lessons and hours, times or dates of sessions, and status of the student in a class. Only the total price of the line item will be corrected.


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