Returning tickets

Plans change, people get busy. So how can you better assist this registrant who can no longer attend your event? The best way to do so is to return the tickets!

The only way to properly return the tickets to a registrant would be through the Event Details page. To get to this page, you would need to go to the left nav panel and select Find > Events. From here, search for the event that you are returning tickets for and select the title.

In the Event Details page, you would need to go to the "Ticket holders" table and find the student you would like to return the tickets to. But wait, you're asking,"what if the ticket holder bought two different types of tickets? How will it know?" Simple! The "Return Tickets" window that populates will know that there are multiple ticket types to return.Type in the quantity of how many tickets you would like to return and select "Return".

Choosing "Return' will bring you to the refund item screen. First, pick the transaction you would like to refund to under the "Select a transaction to refund". Select how much you would like to refund the registrant and what type of payment should be credited back. After that, click the "Process Refund" button and you will be brought to the invoice that was given the refund.

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