Edit a class schedule

If you wish to edit entire existing class (change days, dates, instructor, location, etc) but still save previously made modifications, you can do so by using Edit this Class option. Once you find a class you wish to edit, you can either select it to go to the Class Detail page, or select Edit from the search on the right hand side of the class. Either way the same Class Builder/Edit page will open where you can change class status, instructor, class schedule, fees, etc.

Please note:  If attendance has been taken on the class already, the changes in the Class Builder page will only apply to scheduled class dates AFTER the last date for which attendance was taken.  For example, if a class starts on September 1st and the last date with attendance is September 15th, any edits to the class will apply only to class dates AFTER September 15th.  They will not apply to any dates on or before September 15th.

 If you previously made any modifications to the class, you will have an option to save modifications or to overwrite existing changes once you are done with editing. Let’s say you want to change start time for the entire class from 9 AM to 10 AM, but you still want to save modifications that you previously made (for example, you will have a sub teacher for 5 class instances).  In this case, after you make changes to the entire class schedule and click Save, you will be prompted with the question:

Should we overwrite the following modifications that you've already made to this class with your new changes? 

You will have 2 options to choose from:

  1. No, Save existing changes,
  2. Yes, Overwrite existing changes.


If you wish to save previously made modification (keep sub teacher on the schedule), you will select option 1, which means time change on Class Edit page will not overwrite previously made modifications.

If you don't want to save modifications you previously made but instead you want to generate an entirely new schedule, you will select option 2 and a brand new schedule will be generated for that class.

 To learn how to edit multiple classes at once under a single course, click Here







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