Create a registration form for internal use only

ASAP Registration Forms are very customizable. You want to make the process quick and easy for your students who register online via the ASAP Public Portal and you want the process fast for office staff handling walk-ins. So configuring your Reg Forms to be just the right questions is important. That way it minimizes tabbing during data entry.

But... there are times when you want to record other data about a student that might not be vital or important for all students. For this reason, we recommend creating an "Office Use Only" form. This form has almost ALL of the possible questions in ASAP marked as Visible, but NONE are Required. If you want to add some information about someone, such as Doctor Name, you can do it by editing the student record and changing the form at the top to Office Use Only and then entering the data. 

How do I create my new Office Use Only form? Easy. Click Configure | Reg Forms. Click box "Create a New Form" and give it a name. Do NOT click the Default Form box nor the Prompt for Update box.

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