Family accounts

When two or more people register for classes at the same time, or when a parent enrolls a child in a class, ASAP automatically creates a "family account" for them. People who share a family account share a single login username and password, and all of their financial information is grouped together in ASAP.

You can view all the members of a student's family account by clicking the "View/Create Family Account" link on the top right of their student detail page:

You can also click the View Account link from the student search results and that will take you to the same page:

From the family account page you can:

  • create a new student and add them to that account
  • add an existing student to the account
  • remove members from the account
  • add and delete emergency contact information
  • label or un-label a member of the account as a "parent"
  • change who is the primary contact associated with the account
  • view the account's login information
  • view all of the account's financial activity
  • view the account's saved credit cards, and add new cards to their account

Create new student from family page                                                           

Click the "add members" button, and you will be brought to the Class student edit page, and will be prompted to fill out the registration form to create a new account.

Link an already existing student account to this family profile (i.e a sibling) 

Click the "add existing members" button. This will give you the option to search for the student, and once you've located the student you'd like to add, click "select."  This student record must not be a part of another family.  If they are, click Remove Members on their account before linking to the correct family.

Add parent/family members to this family account:                                    

Click the "add parents" link, and you will be given the option to input information for each parent/family member individually. Once you've completed entering the information for each member, click save and repeat the process for as many parents/family members as you wish to enter.

Remove members from this family account (i.e if the wrong student was accidentally added):                                                                                      

Click the "remove members" dropdown menu, and select which member you'd like to remove. 

Assign a student account that is already in the family account as a parent

Click the "edit parents" link, and you will see a checkbox next to each account name that can be selected or deselected.

Directly edit specific student account information                                     

Click the "edit members" dropdown member, select the student you would like to edit, and you will be redirected to that student's edit account page. 

Change the primary account for this family profile                                   

Click the Change Primary contact button near the top of the page, and select the desired student from the dropdown. 

Once you have this family account finished, you can view their login information by clicking the View login information button, and from here will see their global username and password sign-in information. This may be helpful if someone from this family account has trouble logging in and needs assistance with resetting their password, changing login information, etc.

Clicking the edit account button will bring you to the global family information, and will allow you to edit information that applies to the entire family, as well as each individual student's account.

Clicking the public account button will show you the family account as the actual users would see it, from the public registration site. 

The "emergency contacts" tab will allow you to add contact information for emergency contacts. Simply click the "add members" button.

"Saved credit cards" will show any and all credit cards on file for this family account, for any payments. Clicking "add card" will bring you to the edit screen to add new credit card information. 

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