How do I change or remove a payment method/amount on an offline transaction record?

This is HIGHLY dangerous because you are messing with money and changing historical financial records. But… you can do it for situations where transactions were recorded in error. Please document everything for auditors and/or accountants.
  1. Go to the invoice details
  2. Right below the transactions, there is a link called Edit (see below)
  3. Click this and you will see a delete option appear on right side.
  4. Delete transaction (see why you document everything?)
  5. Invoice is now Unpaid, not Paid
  6. Record new transaction

How to turn this feature on:


There is a Configure | User Access function called “Edit Invoice Amounts”. This triggers the ability to edit offline transaction records such as Cash, Check, Credits, or any custom payment types. The one transaction ASAP guards incredibly tightly are credit card transactions run through ASAP. These you can’t edit because they are tied to a merchant account. If you do not have access to these settings, you'll need to contact an administrator within your organization that does have the user access rights to make these changes. Our ASAP staff cannot change user access settings for you.
Where to do this on the invoice:
From the invoice page, you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the invoice where you'll see a small Edit button below the transactions.
Once selecting Edit, the option to remove these transactions are displayed with a trash can icon next to them. Clicking on them will remove the record completely from the invoice. Once this is done, there's no way to retrieve the information again:
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