Viewing lesson enrollments

You can view all of the lesson enrollments at your school from the private lesson enrollments page (Private Lessons > Enrollments). You can also edit certain types of enrollments from this page (see more below).

Viewing enrollments

Using the filters at the top of the page you can view lessons for a particular instructor, location, time period, instrument, etc. 


You can also sort the list of lessons by clicking on any of the column headers.



In addition, you can export the list to Excel using the export button on the top right of the grid.



Editing lessons from the enrollments page

Most edits to a lessons schedule should be made from the lesson detail page for that set of lessons. However, you can edit certain enrollments directly from the enrollments page:

  1. If the first scheduled lesson has not taken place yet (the date is still in the future) and the invoice has not been fully paid, you can edit the entire set of lessons from here
  2. The lessons have a schedule of TBD, either because they were sold as part of a lesson package or the registrar checked the TBD box when creating the enrollment

If either of these two cases is true for a particular enrollment, you will see an Edit option within the Options menu next to that lesson.



Also, certain users will not see the Edit link because they do not have permission to edit lessons in the system. If you don't see the Edit link and think you should, please speak to your administrator about updating your user access settings.

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