Working with unscheduled lessons

In ASAP, there are something called Unscheduled Lessons which can be booked at the time of enrollment or created later when you cancel scheduled lesson instances. An unscheduled lesson is like a lesson credit, it is a TBD lesson that the student pays for that is saved to that student’s account.

There are a couple of common scenarios where Unscheduled Lessons are used. One of these is with Lesson Packages, where a student purchases a bundle of lessons at once and then an admin goes back and schedules them later. The second is with cancelled lesson instances when a student has an excused absence and wants to save the lesson as a credit or makeup to use at a later time.

This article will go through the steps of scheduling an enrollment as TBD and then scheduling those Unscheduled lessons from the Private Lesson Detail page. Also, we will go through cancelling lesson instances and saving them as Unscheduled lessons , as well as viewing, cancelling and scheduling individual unscheduled lessons from the Private Lesson Detail Page.

Enrolling a Student with a TBD Schedule

To schedule an enrollment with TBD lessons follow these steps:

  1. Go to Private Lessons>Enroll Student
  2. Search for the student’s name and click the select link next to their name in the enrollment grid
  3. Fill out the top part of the enrollment page
  4. Under the “Schedule” section select the box to leave the Schedule as TBD
  5. Click “Create Lesson and Process Initial Payment”

Viewing Unscheduled Lessons on the Private Lesson Detail Page

On the Private Lesson Detail page you will see the “Unscheduled Lessons” tab as long as there are TBD lessons associated with that enrollment. The unscheduled lesson count will also appear in a box on the top right of the page. To view the available lessons, just click on the tab.

Cancelling and Scheduling Unscheduled Lessons

To cancel unscheduled lessons follow these steps:

From the Private Lesson Detail:

  1. Click on the Unscheduled Lessons tab
  2. Check the boxes next to the lessons you would like to cancel
  3. Click the “cancel selected lessons” link

To schedule unscheduled lessons follow these steps:

From the Private Lesson Detail (individually):

  1. Click on the Unscheduled Lessons tab
  2. Click the “Schedule Lessons” link next to the lesson instance that you would like to schedule
  3. Choose a date and time for the lesson using the date/time picker
  4. Click the Save button

From the Private Lesson Enroll page (in bulk):

  1. Filter the day dropdown to view TBD day lessons only
  2. Click the “Edit” link next to the lesson you’d like to schedule
  3. Uncheck the box next to “Schedule TBD”
  4. Choose a day and start date for lessons
  5. One the desired schedule is displayed in the grid click the “Update Enrollment” button

Saving lessons as Unscheduled:

From the Private Lesson Detail:

  1. Select the individual check boxes next to the lessons you’d like to cancel and keep as unscheduled lessons
  2. Click “cancel selected lessons” link
  3. Choose the option “save as unscheduled lessons”
  4. Click either “cancel lessons” or “cancel lessons and view invoice”
  5. Now the lessons will be saved to the unscheduled lessons tab



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