Staff usernames and passwords - help with logging in

If you have a staff member who can't login to asap (or you can't login yourself) you can do the following:

Important! Check this first

Before you do anything, look at the top right-hand corner of the login page. Do you see your organization's name? Good. No? Then enter your 4-digit org ID in the field above the "Username" field.

Use the login information recovery tool

Go to the ASAP login page and click the "Forgot your login info?" link (it's under the big grey Log In button). Then follow the instructions.

Change their username or password in the system

You can also change their username or password yourself by logging into the system, searching for the staff member, clicking Edit, and then changing the staff members username or password to whatever you want. Once you're done click Save and then ask that staff member to try logging in with the new information.

If you're the one who can't login, contact your administrator and they can help you reset your password.

Can't you just tell us what their password is?

No, ASAP cannot see a user's password. All of that information is private.

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